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This is a normal day, i woke up, have my breakfast, listen to music, etc.


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I´d  made a page (here on wordpress) called “Normal Days” is like a  journal (or a Diary)-It´s  about -What happen this day- on my life, maybe sometimes is going to be kind of  bored, but i have to pass the time and i love write things…in fact im making a book (vampires book).

Title of the Book:  The Weeping Willow

Writen By:  Emma (that´s  me!) (Emma is not my real name, but im Ok. with that…is just that it´s more easy than my real name…even if i like my real name)

About It:

                  It´s  about  the life of  (teens) vampires on the city,  they pass a lot of problems cuz they don´t  like to drink blood,  so the decide to drink the sap of a Willow (they live behind him),  but obviously is not enough, and there are other vampires (teens too) at the other side of the city, but this vampires love blood!,  so both clans of vampires are in a “crush” (i mean a war)…so thats all i have…maybe i´ll upload here (maybe).


Well im  going for cake to the kitchen…BYE!


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Im learning how to use this wordpress thing…haha it results funny to see my face everytime something goes wrong, cause i´m  like—-

 ”OH, I CAN´T-   I CAN´T-   I CAN´T!!!!”

and it´s funny…hihihi

Im in a “proyect” on YOUTUBE with my friends, we call it “Potato Chips Show”, it´s about funny things that we found every day at our life…but  i think it´s funny  ´cuz  we are really  perverts! (but on the videos)…well…in fact, we´re like that every day…hahahaha, but is funny ( i have to stop laughing). We have just one video about a “Potato Song” (on YOUTUBE- “Hot Potato and more…”), because we don´t  have any video-camera…but im on that. I think we´re going to start recording on October (my birthday!!!), we  must learn the lines of our first video (on YOUTUBE- “Baby Un-Care!).

Well, i have to finish this …  so good-bye!

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Q:=What do you get with a Fly a Car and a Pet???

A:= A Flying CarPet!!!!!


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